"Zachary performs with innovation, comedy, empathy and heart.

His boy-next-door looks bely the treasure trove of highly entertaining characters he's gifted to us this summer. and that's just onstage."       

- Monica M. Wemitt 

    (Mac-Haydn Theatre Associate Producer / Company Manager)

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who am I?

Hi there! If you're reading this it means you want to know a little bit about me! So, here you go! I was born in Dallas, Texas and was raised there until the ripe age of six. At that time my family and I moved to Scranton, Pennsylvania to live near my grandparents. At the age of twelve, I started watching musicals with my grandfather and never stopped. As I started showing interest in the profession, he made sure I was always working on my craft and bettering myself as a human being. When I turned 18, I attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) and since then have been based in NYC. Some of my favorite things to do include listening to new music and adding it to my playlists, writing original music and lyric, and drinking lattés from local coffee shops!  My favorite color is pink, but blue looks better with my complexion. I'm definitely more of a Diet Coke person than a Sprite Zero one    and I love sour candy. I hope this gives you a good sense of who I am. If not, feel free to email or call me with the contact information at the bottom of this page!


Let's chat!

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Phone: (570) 955-7678

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